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We are a service company specializing in electrical, switches medium, low and high voltage transformers, switches, protection relays. We provide study, monitoring and recording of all electrical events.

Ours engineers are professionally trained and certified to assist with installations, commissionings, ongoing maintenance and upgrades

How can we help? Tell us consultant about your application so we can get a head start on developing a detailed quotation for youpgrades.

Empty bottles can be supplied to switches or contractor from 2.5 kv to 36 kv.

We offer the assurance that all tests meet international electrical standards in force.

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Our Services

Oil circuit breaker

Advisory and Sale Service

We have a highly qualified staff of professionals and technicians, which allows us to provide top quality service.

« Repair
« Updating
« Modifying
« Calibration and testing
«Extending life
« Test Protective Relay

  • monophasic Intector for relay testing
  • Injector phase relay testing
« Test Switches
  • Circuit Breaker Analyzer (Impúlsografo)
  • Microhometro
  • vacuum chambers Checker
« Primary Injection Test
  • Meter Time
  • Resistance Tester
« Portable analyzer

Portable and fixed equipment for studio quality, service, study load, amornicos, filker; quality power networks with software

  • Portable analyzer voltage quality
  • Multimeter recorder for portable power applications
  • portable network analyzer portable power
« Manufacturing Program
  • Troubleshooting cable
« Instruments and systems for diagnostics and testing high voltage
  • Test Equipment High Voltage (High Pot) for voltage
« Systems and Instruments for troubleshooting cable
  • Mobile unit for diagnostics and troubleshooting cables
  • voltage pulse generator for low voltage networks
  • Cable Locator
« Meter winding resistance

Engine control components, contactors, starters, pilot devices, American-made equipment.

Field Services

We provide quality service, we test for:

  • Insulation resistance
  • Contact resistance
  • Hi-Pot to 180 kv
  • Cable Fault Location
  • Measurement of opening and closing times
  • Simulation of primary current injection of protective relays
  • Transformation ratio (TTR)
  • Contact resistance AEL - TAP
  • Analysis, study transformers and power supply
  • Testing vacuum interrupters

We extend the life of your electrical equipment for low, medium and high voltage

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Life extension

Often buying new equipment is not the most beneficial option. Most switchgear is designed to last 40 years or more with proper maintenance, and replacing it can be costly. Engineering installation and lost profits from outages can often double or triple the price of new equipment.

Currently the owners of high voltage electrical equipment face growing challenges regarding demand and energy efficiency, while must take care and / or reduce operating costs.

To achieve these objectives, various tasks as specialized site assessments, periodic inspections, overhaul average life and refurbishment for life extension, use relay timing to reduce the dynamic stress during maneuvers operation, and devices currently being developed online monitoring.


Renewal and replacement parts for switches low, medium and high voltage and any power distribution.

We are able to provide new engine controls and OEM General Electric, or repower equipment we can offer to your needs.

We have the best prices around the market, being the leaders in our field.

Engine control components, contactors, starters, pilot devices, American-made equipment.

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We update your Switches

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